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Welcome Series Walkthrough

Welcome Series Walkthrough

Jan 11, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

Hey there! In this video, we’ll teach you how to build a Welcome Series in your Privy account. A Welcome series is a great way to make sure your newest subscribers have consistent and positive interactions with your brand at the start of your relationship. You may be wondering though, what’s the difference between an After Signup Email, and a Welcome Series? 

The After-signup Email is usually asking the customer to take an action, like confirming their email or using a discount code that was promised to them. But the Welcome Series introduces them to yourself and your brand. It tells them who they're getting into business with and builds trust from the start. When a customer learns to expect emails from you, they be that much more likely to buy when you come through on that promise again and again. Okay, enough talk, let’s build one of our own!

The First Email is scheduled to send 24 hours after signup. This means that any after signup emails through Convert that are in place when a contact signs up will be delivered immediately, and then the Welcome Series will begin 24 hours later.

The timing of the 2 and 3 email touches is contingent upon the timing of the previous email in the series. This is great because previously when manually building a series, customers would have to “do the math” for the email timing on their own

The Welcome Series can be sent to any contacts who sign up through All Convert Campaigns or Specific campaigns. So if you run a special onsite campaign, like BFCM for example, you could technically create a welcome series for those contacts specifically to offer a more personalized experience. Or if you only want to send your welcome series to contacts who sign up through your welcome discount popup but not your cart saver popup, you could do that too. 

Here are a couple of things to note though: As of right now, contacts who sync over from Shopify will NOT receive a welcome email or welcome series. We’re only able to send to contacts who came in through Privy.

Also, If you include a coupon code, it will be applied to all 3 emails. If a contact uses the coupon after the first touch, the coupon code will still show in emails 2 and 3. Now, you CAN use a unique coupon code so that the code is no longer valid after a contact uses it, but the code will still show across all 3 emails. 

But what should you include in your emails? We took care of that for you as well! You’ll see already filled out in each email different themes. Of course you can change these, but a good place to start is to use “Welcome to our brand!” which is a background on the brand and a Meet the CEO/Founder section, then one we call “Connect with us!” which encourages contacts to connect on social channels. And lastly, the third email is a great place to highlight bestsellers and popular items. 

The quickest way to get this series live will be to follow these templates and edit images and texts as necessary. That said, you can edit these emails however you see fit. Maybe you share more about your social/environmental impact as a brand in email 2. Maybe you want to educate your contacts about how your products are made. Just think about what makes your brand special and what you want your contacts to remember about you. 

Then when you are ready, click Activate!

Here are some more things to note: First, Once a Series is activated, you cannot add or delete emails from the Series. You’ll have to spin up a new Series to reflect the changes that you’re looking to make.

Second, The default is 3 emails in the Series. Before a Series is activated though, you can change the number of emails from 2 all the way up to 10 emails. But we recommend 3 to start. 

Third, Revenue is reported across the whole series, not at the individual email level, but there is delivery and engagement reporting at the individual email level 

And lastly, Once a series is activated, you can navigate back into the series and review reporting by clicking the reporting icon on the bottom right corner of each email

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