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Welcome Series Teardown

Welcome Series Teardown

Jan 12, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

In this video we’ll explore why an email series can be SO much more effective than just 1 followup email. Did you know that while the average open rate for emails to customers is 10-20%, Welcome emails, that is, ones sent within 24 hours of signing up have an open rate of 91%?

Click-through rate on these welcome emails are 5x higher than others and they generate 3x more revenue than emails you’ll send at other times. 

Now, the reason why we recommend creating a series with 3 emails, is because you then have an opportunity to introduce, educate, and build trust with your new audience. These are the factors that get you that coveted 3-X on revenue. 

From what we’ve seen, customers need to see your branding 7 times before feeling comfortable enough to buy. Experts will recommend a 6-email welcome series and we agree, those can be really impactful, but if you are just starting off, beginning with 3 will help you find your flow and your voice to keep moving from there. 

Also, a welcome series is a long-term investment into your customers. I don’t know about you, but all of those brands that ask me to buy something from them in every single email were unsubscribed a long time ago. Now my inbox is only for brands that provide me value. Ones that tell you how to trade stocks or crypto or teach you how to run an online business without asking you to join a mastermind every time, ones that give me the news first and ask for money second. Those are the ones I keep in my inbox and I’ll definitely be more inclined to buy from them, in fact, I already have!  But when it comes down to it, more emails equals more chance to earn revenue, it’s that simple. 

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