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Welcome Discount Popup

Welcome Discount Popup

Oct 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

Learn how to grow your list with this proven popup. A Welcome discount is a must have for all online businesses trying to grow their list. 

A welcome popup is a form that will load onto your site when you tell it to.

The idea is that you will capture their email address, so that you can communicate with them long after they’ve been on your site. With the welcome popup, we use email and text as channels to drive them back to make the order.

And it can come in many forms. I’m sure you’ve run into popups like these all of the time.

Our goal here is to grab their attention while they are new to your brand. Then, use that to build a direct relationship that you own through email and text.

For a quick background, Why do companies do this?

Well, It all started with larger brands. They started to spend money communicating to their customers and leads over email. And they noticed that every time they sent an email broadcast, their sales went up. We’ve heard from some of our users that up to 40% of their revenue can come from email. So it makes sense. Grow the size of your list, and you’ll grow your revenue.

Second, these large companies also saw that only 2-3% of shop visitors ever actually purchased. So they wanted to use email to educate the people who weren’t ready to purchase right away but were interested, to bring them back for the sale.

Third, as we’ve now seen success in both large and small business, the one common factor is that the easiest way to collect these email addresses is with a popup.

So what makes a great one? Let’s dive in and make one together.

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