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Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Update your onsite campaigns


Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Update your onsite campaigns

Sep 09, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

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If you are following along in real time with the calendar, you’ll be seeing this on the Monday before Black Friday and it’s time to convert your site into a Black Friday shopping mall.  At the beginning of the month, you prepped those onsite campaigns. So hopefully every banner, bar, display, popup, cart saver, abandoned cart email and text that you created is ready to go. 

This is also a great time (and your last chance) to go through it all yourself from a new browser or computer to see exactly how a new visitor will experience what you’ve created. 

Also, if any details have changed, images have been updated, shipping deadlines confirmed, any last minute information you’ve gathered that your customers need to know has surfaced, add it to your site and start those promotions. 

So go ahead and press publish! Just make sure you pause any irrelevant, non-BFCM campaigns you have live to create a seamless experience for visitors.

I won’t say that you can just sit back and relax, but this is it. Make your onsite campaigns live promoting your offers, start those countdown timers for when the sale actually begins, and blast this information all over social media. Today, everyone should know what they can buy on Black Friday, for how much, and any cool sales or promotions you are having to make you stand out this week. So shout it from the rooftops and I’ll see you on Black Friday!

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