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Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Tease your offers


Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Tease your offers

Sep 09, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

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Alright, we’re almost there. If you are following along with the calendar, then It’s the week before Black Friday. So it’s time to get your audience excited about Black Friday and what’s in store.

Now before you can get your audience excited about Black Friday, you have to know what you are offering. Now I know most of you already chose your Offers and promotions earlier in this series, but I wanted to point out that this is your last chance to do so. If you haven’t decided what you are offering for Black Friday, do it now and share it with your list.

Also, Earlier in this series, we recommended that you draft and schedule your emails and texts to go out this week, but I know some of you are just now see all of this in November, so, whether or not you’ve planned your exact email and SMS schedule, this week is the perfect time to start teasing your offers to your list. If you have VIPs, then you probably promised them this information first, so draft an email for them this week, and send a similar message to non-VIPs in the next few days or early next week.. 

But remember, it doesn’t stop at emails. Remember that email inboxes will be INSANE this year AND we’re seeing SMS, or text message marketing, perform WAY better on conversion,, so if you’ve started growing your SMS list, this is where it comes in handy. Tease your offer to your list with images, creative texts, and hints to get them really excited for what’s to come. Busy inbox or not, this will make them look for you on Black Friday. 

So whether it’s over email and text, or on Instagram Twitter or Tiktok, tease your offers this week. I’ve seen some stores posts pictures of just a corner of their new product release just to tease it. Some stores with a good sense of sarcasm posts really mysterious tweets to get conversation starting amongst their followers the week prior. So wherever your audience hangs out, start talking about your offers, teasing them, anything you can do to get them excited and ready to buy.

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