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Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Be Prepared to Respond ASAP


Ultimate Black Friday Calendar: Be Prepared to Respond ASAP

Sep 21, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

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This time of year is insane. But the most important thing you can do once your BFCM offer is live is to respond to support questions ASAP. 

Whether you’re getting support emails or DMs, remember that it’s an opportunity to turn browsers into buyers and keep existing customers happy. And the faster you respond, the better. Because the longer you wait, the longer people have to talk themselves out of a purchase or turn to a competitor.

So make sure you’re setting aside time to get back to questions this weekend. You’ll win sales and loyalty.

Some good things to do as soon as the promotions begin is to make sure all notifications are turned on and up. Whether it’s making sure your email is alerting your mobile phone, your DM’s and initiating alerts on your lock screen, or making sure your uncle hasn’t boarded up your mail slot. 

This is a quick but effective tip to ensure you are there for your customers in the most important moments, ones that could result in a lost or gained customer. 

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