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The Best Time to Display Your Popups


The Best Time to Display Your Popups

Apr 15, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

What comes to mind when you hear the term “pop up?” If you’re like 82% of people interviewed by Learn Hub , you hate them. 

Nobody likes popus if they think they’re JUST advertisements of third party apps, so how do you convince your site visitors to actually sign up for your list if they truly hate them. The secret, is in timing. 

Have them appear too fast, and you’ll annoy your customers. Too slow, and that potential customer may have already left the page. So how do you find that happy middle ground? Well, Here are some tips to help you nail the timing of your welcome, exit, and spin-to-win pop ups to land more conversions instead of driving potential customers away.

First Welcome Popups. The lowest performing popups are the ones that appear immediately, nobody likes it, it feels spammy, and that you don’t actually have any valuable products, you just want their contact info. But you know when it doesn’t feel spammy? When they are already wanting to learn more about your business or get more involved. So, allow them to actually experience your website and brand before blasting them with a popup.

Resources like Google Analytics can track time-on-page metrics to tell precisely how long your average viewer stays. From there, it’s your call on how long to delay the pop up. Wisepops suggests showing pop ups at 50–60% of your average time on page. This is a good place to start because it’s not too early to show a popup, but you’ll still hit most people before they leave. From there, just test it out and find a time that performs best. 

Next is Cart Savers. For this one, it’s not so much timing as it is whether or not to use it. Some brands don’t use these because they don’t want to come off as desperate by tracking their mouse movements leaving the page. But tell me this, if they are leaving your store uninterested, they probably aren’t coming back any way. If they are leaving interested but maybe area busy or have something else to attend to, Exit Intent and Abandoned Cart popups are the perfect way for them to realize, “oh I was going to buy something” or “hey, If I signup, then their email will remind me to check later”. Don’t believe me? Well, they work. We’ve seen Exit-intent popups cut bounce rates by 50 percent! Just by adding an automated popup to catch them as they are leaving. 

Lastly, we have Spin to Win. We also recommend you trigger these to popup on exit intent, but they have the potential to perform WAY better than a typical discount. First, they offer multiple discounts and a chance for a large discount. Second, they gamify the process. People LOVE interacting if it means potential savings. In fact, while traditional email pop ups convert an average of 3.75% of visitors into subscribers, those using spin-to-win pop ups convert between 5% and 20%. 

So take a look at your popup campaigns and consider how you could be utilizing these tips to grow your list. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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