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The 5 Best Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns


The 5 Best Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns

Jan 31, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Yes it’s TWO WEEKS AWAY. and according to our Holiday Calendar, it’s the perfect time to come up with an offer you can share with your audience to bring in sales for your store.

Whether you feature products you already have, launch something brand new, or test out a giveaway with other brands, there's a ton you can do to make Valentine's Day a revenue-generating holiday for your business.

Here are 5 simple ideas you can try with examples that'll make it easier than ever to get a campaign live ASAP.

First, Do nothing, or rather, showcase products you already have. Like this brilliant email from Fly By Jing. This may look like a brand new promotion, but all they did was use Valentine’s Day verbiage  like “Do they love you more than food?” and “A friendly reminder for your loved ones to season their food,” but ALL of the links just point back to their main catalog. Brilliant. 

Second, Collaborate with like minded brands. This is especially useful on gift-giving holidays. Launch a social media giveaway to share audiences or  Launch an exclusive product or line of products as part of a collaboration with another business to get exposure around Valentine's Day. Take a look at this example from The Foggy Dog and Ampersand Design Studio:

Complete with holiday-specific bandanas, collars and leashes, this limited-edition collection couldn't be more perfect for Valentine's Day.

And while themed products definitely take more time to execute on, it's a great way to drive sales for your store. Especially with your most loyal customers who can't get enough of your products.

Also, I just want to say here, yes, we do recommend you comarket with like brands on almost every holiday advice video because, well, it’s true and it worked on every holiday. So don’t miss the opportunity to grow your sales big while also introducing your audience to another great brand. 

Third, send a reminder email. I’m gonna be honest, I would have totally forgotten about valentines day if Privy didn’t remind me so now I’m reminding you and your customers will love you if you remind them. This one’s an easy win if you don’t have the time or budget to launch something new. 

Forth, Tilt the scales with a Mission. Valentine’s day is another one of those gift giving holidays where you’ll be battled for inbox attention. So how can you stand out? If customers are choosing between similar brands, we’ve seen that more often than not, they’ll go with the brand that gives back. Underbares Donated a bra to a charitable organization for every order placed from February 1st through 14th and it showed how dedicated they really are to putting mission first.

So even if your customers don’t necessarily need any of your products now, this might push them over the edge. And if they don’t end up buying, they’ll definitely remember that as a brand, you care about giving back.

Fifth, create a Valentines Day-themed bundle (with products you already sell). 

WithCo created a date night bundle in a box.  They took their best-sellers and created a bundle at a discounted price. It’s a really low-lift way to do something for Valentine’s Day that still provides value for your customer. Then, Add in some fun product photos that feel holiday-themed and BAM! You’re ready.

If you were with us through BFCM, and this past holiday season, you know you don’t have to re-invent the wheel to keep your partner satisfied- your customers satisfied.

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