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How 2 Brands Started Their SMS list from Scratch in 2 Steps


How 2 Brands Started Their SMS list from Scratch in 2 Steps

Apr 19, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

SMS, or text message marketing can be pretty intimidating to start because, most of you will have to start from scratch, or at least that’s what you think. I’m gonna show you how 2 companies saw immediate results with SMS marketing FROM SCRATCH and how you can too. 

First up is a Keto friendly Pork company that uses privy that did 2 simple things in their Privy account that grew their SMS list to over 1000 textable contacts in 3 weeks. 

First, they adjusted their welcome discount popups, or whatever convert campaigns you have running on your store, to include a phone field. Now many of you think that this will decrease conversions, but we haven’t seen  that AT ALL. In fact, of all of the sites we’ve tracked, we haven’t seen any decrease in the average conversion rate for store owners that add this field. This company in particular is now converting on her homepage at 4%, which is really good even just for email! Okay, so they added the phone form field. 

Next, they created a simple landing page that collected email and phone number (we have to collect both so we can matchup their phone number to the correct contact) and then they sent an email to their loyal email subscribers saying “hey, give us your phone number if you want to be the first to know about limited offers and flash sales and this email saw a 48% signup rate. That means that 48% of her contacts joined the textable contact list. Now, she has modified every single email to include a button for people to sign up to receive text messages. 

Doing just these two things, she grew her list to 1000 textable contacts in just 3 weeks!

Our second shop sells props and halloween decorations and costumes and things like that. They did the same exact thing. They added the phone number form field to their convert campaigns, and they emailed their list and sent them to a landing page to give their phone number. And they grew their list to 28 textable contacts. But the thing you have to remember is, people that signup for your SMS list, they actually WANT to receive texts from you. This store owner sent a super simple one liner text with a link back to the store and generated over $800 dollars in sales from that one text, that’s $28 per textable contact! 

Now imagine how this scales when they grow in their SMS marketing knowledge and add segmentation, automation the whole nine yards. The key is, it’s not as hard as you think to start making money from your new SMS list. Take the pointers above, start collecting phone numbers, send email subscribers to a landing page to give you their phone number and start texting your list! 

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