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Create a Profitable Social Advertising Strategy with Snapchat & Live Q&A with Savannah Sanchez

At times like these, we all are giving our budgets a second look to make sure we’re investing our marketing dollars in the right places. Advertising is a great example of this. Should I be spending money on advertising right now? If so, which channels make the most sense? Should I stick with the channels I know or is now the time to try something new?

These are the types of questions we’re asking on our team at Privy. And these are the exact questions we’ve heard from our ecommerce customers.

That’s why we invited Sanvannah Sanchez, founder of the ad consultancy agency, The Social Savannah, to host this masterclass on social media advertising. Savannah helps ecommerce brands scale through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google advertising.

And in this masterclass she went deep on Snapchat, a social channel she believes is underutilized by ecommerce brands and a place that she thinks can be perfect for brands struggling to compete on other social platforms, like Facebook.



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