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Here's To You: A Year in Review

Here's To You: A Year in Review

Jan 05, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to share some things we learned from you this past year. 

First? You are ambitious. You knew getting back on your feet after 2020 was going to be a big job, but you did it. In 2021, you generated over $93 million dollars in Total revenue, $39 million dollars in Convert revenue, $54 million dollars in Email revenue and a 86% increase in Texts sent from last year

Second, we learned that you are incredibly resourceful.

You’ve read our content and used it to grow your business. Throughout the year, our team has seen almost 4,000 views on our Ecommerce Marketing Book, over 2,700 watches on our Masterclass videos and 285,000 downloads to our Podcast 

Third, You are bold.

When you want something, you go for it. And when you asked for product features, you got them. In 2021, you asked, and we delivered a Wix integration, a new in-app dashboard, Welcome Emails, Broadcast Texts, the Growth Plan, our first automated series, and tailored Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep from email templates to countdown timers. 

Fourth, You’re the best. No, we actually mean, you are the best. 

You love giving us feedback, and we love to hear it Like this one from Studio 614 when they said “they’ve never had an actively growing email list like this, and love seeing new subscribers come through every day without lifting a finger.”

Or like Tuesday when they said “they’re going through a big shift in their business and Privy helped make marketing the easiest part of the transition.”

Imagine if marketing was the easy part! So here’s to you. We can’t wait to help you drive sales to incredible new heights in 2022.

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