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Craft the Perfect Newsletter

Craft the Perfect Newsletter

Oct 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

We’ve all heard that emails are a great way for you to connect with your customers.

They help establish a personal connection with your subscribers at scale - building community and reminding them you’re here.

In this video, we’ll go over how to craft the perfect Newsletter, but first, let’s learn why?

I promise that understanding why newsletters are so impactful will put you a step ahead of your competition.

Think about the newsletters you receive...which ones do you read religiously? Why?

You’ve probably got a mix in there of newsletters from brands you admire, others from brands that you actually use, and others that you’ve just been too lazy to unsubscribe from, but never actually open.

So with that in mind, let’s break down what an effective newsletter actually does:

Informs readers of important information about your business/products/services
Gives them free value with content they can use
Relates to your readers’ lives by giving them solutions to problems they know (or don’t know) they have
And it Builds brand loyalty by setting an expectation of quality and timing

But what does loyalty get you?

Loyal customers are 9x more likely to convert compared to first-time customers.

And loyal members buy again from you 2.5x more than non-members.

So why are we spending so much time and money on ads to rope in new customers? This is why we focus on newsletters, because it’s is a cheaper and easier way to drive sales and repeat sales for your business.

Sounds pretty sweet right? It is. But it can also be quite difficult. Just think about all the email lists you've been wanting to unsubscribe from. Well, that’s exactly the feeling you want to prevent. And here is the reason we feel this way. It’s because companies are casting their nets too wide and annoying half their audience while missing their target audience.

So, Tip#1, Don’t cast your nets too wide

Let’s say that I sell space-related merch on my store and I wanted to send a weekly newsletter. People who buy my clothes obviously like space right? So in this hypothetical scenario, I might have some general space industry news, some general quick science lessons for students and maybe some recent NASA mission updates.

Who is the target audience here? The adult who wants only news will be annoyed by the kids science lessons, and the young student might ignore the email because it starts with boring industry news. And now NO ONE will engage. So who is the email for? The key is to identify one target audience and speak directly to them.

Your emails may technically peak the interest of less people overall, but of the people that subscribe, many more of them will lean in hard to your content, look forward to your emails, and eventually become customers. So, speak directly to your target audience and no one else.

That brings us to step #2, Keep it casual.

Write like you talk. That’s how people get to know you. You don’t want to come across as too corporate either. And you don’t need an amazing, superbly designed template. Instead make it feel like it’s a friend sending them an email. In fact, plain text performs much better than image-heavy emails.

You might be thinking, "Do I really need a newsletter for my business?"
The answer is yes. Hands down yes.

Now, this is the first of many videos on utilizing Newsletters to dominate your target market, but in this video let’s focus on creating your first one to get you started.

You can add a lot of different elements to your newsletters to make them pop or grab readers attention, but for your first ones, I want you to focus on one thing, and that is value.

It doesn’t matter if you forget the Featured products section or if you don’t have enough links, all of that is icing on the cake and will come in time.

For your first one, focus on writing a casual email that provides your target audience value. Let’s dive in and create one in Privy.

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