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5 Campaign Ideas for New Years

5 Campaign Ideas for New Years

Dec 20, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

If we learned anything this shopping season it's that the shops that are the most prepared bring home the bag. Which is why this week, the week of Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about your New Years marketing strategy. Hopefully, your gift guides and gift card offers are published and ready to go for this week, so now let’s take a look at 5 promotions you can run to get your customers excited about your store around New Years. And remember, these aren’t all about getting new customers.  Recall that current customers are 9x more likely to buy from you than new leads, so let’s start there. 

First, Send a thank you message. You don’t have to spend money or discount your products to attract people to your store. Sending a friendly thank you to your list goes a long way in customer retention. We’ve covered this a lot this month, but to remain in their inbox, you can ask them to purchase something with every single email you send. Use this as an opportunity to build some loyalty and trust. 

Second, encourage new routines. The huge fad of setting new years resolutions has died down a bit this past decade because frankly, it’s been over marketed and under-achieved. When was the last time you followed through with yours? However, getting away from the branding of a RESOLUTION can offer you an opportunity to still capitalize on the “New Year, New You” energy for your campaign. Supergoop did a great job of this last year with a small nudge to start taking care of your skin in the new year. 

Third, run a promotion. This one is a given. As an online business owner, holiday and promos pair well and people expect them. How many times have you said, “Oh look here because I bet they're running a labor day sale”. That’s a useful mindset to instill in your list to bring them back to your store during the holidays. 

Fourth, launch a new product or collection. Add new colors of current products, or hop on new trends to make sure your customers know that you are keeping up with the times. This can be anything from offering a bundle of current products to launching a full-scale product release with fanfare and new branding. If they are a fan, they won’t be able to wait to get their hands on your new items. 

And lastly, launch a giveaway. This does a great job of re-engaging current customers and attracting new ones. Even if it’s a social giveaway asking people to retweet and tag a friend or its a full-blown 2021 everything-must-go giveaway and sale, everyone- loves- a giveaway.


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