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Live Selling: The Secret to Sales in 2022


Live Selling: The Secret to Sales in 2022

Mar 31, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

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Jen Greenlees, the owner of Sydney So Sweet, was a high school chemistry teacher when she started her company as a side hustle.

About two years ago, she started live selling on Facebook and found that it doubled her revenue, increased trust in her brand, and completely changed her business. Her company expanded quickly, and she took it on full time.

She now goes live 3 times a week: Mondays and Fridays are for new product sales, and Wednesdays are for themed clearance sales. Typically, each sale gets around 2,000 visitors, and gross sales for Wednesdays can total around $10,000.

With the right playbook, live selling can give your business a major boost. Here's how it works.

What is live selling?

Live selling is a practice where online retailers showcase their products via a live stream on social media or streaming platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch.

During the real-time stream, retailers can highlight features of the product, interact with customers by answering their questions, and sell products on the spot.

So how does it actually help you as a store owner? 

Jen Greenlees said that her company didn’t anticipate that their customers would be able to get to know them on such a personal level. It helped put faces behind their brand.

Philip Pasma, president of Asterisk Marketing, Inc., says that live selling has a unique ability to connect brands to the right audience, where even small brands can earn huge numbers of views. Now live shopping always leads to an excellent return on investment for them. 

So how do you get started?

First, Find which social media platform works best for your audience. Like we always say, meet people where they’re at. Selling to an millennials or older? Try Facebook and Instagram. Selling to a younger audience? You’ve got TikTok, Youtube, Twitch, even Amazon now has a live selling feature. 

Next, prepare before you stream, have all of your products laid out in front of you so they are easy to showcase on the stream, test your purchase links to make sure they all work, and most importantly, test your internet connection. But remember, once those are figured out, don’t go over the top. People want to see genuine content, not some overproduced show with little value. 

So even if it’s a little blurry at times, and you stumble over your words.  focus on showcasing the value of your products and the customer will come. 

If you want more tips on how to get started with live selling, see our full blog post below. Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next time! 

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