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How to Choose the Perfect Shopify App


How to Choose the Perfect Shopify App

Apr 07, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

With more than 6,000 apps cramming the Shopify app store and more being added everyday, how do you choose which Shopify app is right for your business? In this video we’ll give you 5 things to consider when looking for the perfect one.

First, Ratings and Reviws. Shopify does a great job ensuring reviews in the App Store are useful and trustworthy by: first, Requiring that you’re signed into a Shopify account to post a review and Discouraging any app provider from offering incentives or filling their listing with fake reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot about the functionality of a product, but even more important, they tell you about the experience users had interacting with the people behind the app.

Second is Level of support
When you’re installing an app to help run or grow your business, you should make sure that the team behind the app is as committed to your success as you are. Important things to keep an eye on are:
How quickly can you expect a response when you have a problem?
Does the app have a help section or anywhere else on their website where you can find answers to your questions?
Does the app offer any coaching before you pay for their services?
Are there any reviews on the app that highlight positive or negative support experiences?
Knowing you are well supported makes a huge difference in your ability to grow your business in confidence.

3. Pricing and packaging
When comparing prices for Shopify apps, make sure you’re paying close attention to the total cost of using the app – not just the base price listed on the app’s page. Also be mindful of how price scales and what you’ll be paying as your usage increases.

Fourth, the Integration with Shopify
Shopify does a great job vetting the quality of apps on their platform, so rest assured all apps offer some level of integration with Shopify.

But how deeply apps integrate can vary, and so it’s really important to understand your use cases and evaluate the functionality of the Shopify integration. A good integration should save you time by allowing you to easily access and use the work you’ve already done to set up your store in Shopify within the app. You also want to make sure the data and reporting within the app reflects what you see in your Shopify account – especially if you’re using the app to track order and customer information

Lastly, is it Trusted by industry experts
Do the people who know Shopify and have a deep understanding of the services you are installing the app to do, recommend it to their audience? This is a simple question that you should ask whenever you’re evaluating a new app for your store. This is most important if the app has been around for a few years and has a sizable user base.

An easy way to find this out is to go outside the app store and search for: “Best Shopify Apps for [Blank].” You’ll find a ton of articles and videos with app recommendations. You can also check on an app’s website to see if they have any kind of partner or affiliate program. If an expert is willing to partner with the app, that is always a good sign.

These 5 thing to look out for when choosing apps for your Shopify store just scratch the surface of what you can do to ensure you make the right choice. Check out out full blog article linked below to read even more tips in choosing the right Shopify apps. See you there!

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