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How Shopify is Revolutionizing Social Selling


How Shopify is Revolutionizing Social Selling

Apr 13, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

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Every year we do a recap of what Shopify does in a year, or what it projects the next year will hold, but we don’t always get to see them in action, accomplishing these goals in real time.

In the 2022 Report on the Future of Commerce, Shopify predicted that sales through social media channels around the world are expected to nearly triple by 2025. So what have they been doing in reaction to this?

In 2021, Shopify partnered with Tiktok to allow merchants to sell straight from their account using a shop tab.

Last month, Shopify launched a link-in-bio tool called Linkpop, designed for influencers who want to give people direct links and access to all of their business and projects.

Shopify now has a ten-person team dedicated to designing websites, finding manufacturers, and helping to manage and fund entire businesses for celebrities or high profile creators who wish to do so.

Lastly, Shopify just announced its acquisition of Dovetale, a startup that helps brands manage their influencer marketing programs, which they’ll be offering to all Shopify users for free.

As you can see, Shopify is investing HEAVILY in tools for creators and influencers^, and tools for merchants who want to work with those creators and influencers. Social selling is just beginning, so if you haven’t looked into starting a Tiktok, working with influencers on Tiktok and other social platforms , now is the time.

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