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🎉 Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

🎉 Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Nov 30, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

Hey everyone, from all of us here at Privy, we just wanted to say, great job this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Whether you knocked it out of the park, or fell far below your expectations, you made an important discovery. You either found your sweet spot and found out what worked, or you found out what doesn’t. 

I can guarantee that all of those founders you see posting on Instagram and Linkedin and Twitter that they did well this year, didn’t do so their first or second time around. So with that, I wanted to say good job, because if you are seeing this, it mostly means you did it. That you, a small business owner, took on the biggest holiday of the year, competed against huge corporations in adspend and inbox space and you made it through, so sit back, give yourself a quick pat on the back, and get back out there to fulfill those orders. 

Over the next month, we’ll be publishing strategies to not only take what you learned this year to apply it to next year, but also how to finish this year off strong and keep the momentum moving into 2022.

Now get some rest and get back out there because now, the real work begins. 

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