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Guide Your Customers Through Their Holiday Shopping

Guide Your Customers Through Their Holiday Shopping

Dec 15, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

Today we’ll learn a way to both bring more traffic to your site and cater to those last minute holiday shoppers and we’ll accomplish that with a gift guide.

A Gift guide is perfect for last minute shoppers because it does all the research and consolidation of options for them, leaving them with a list of curated products all in the same category to choose from.

Also, even though Gift guides can be intimidating, they are much easier than you think. All I did was log onto my free Canva account and searched for Gift Guide templates and viola! Really aesthetically pleasing starting points for me to take, edit to match my brand, and publish to my audience.

And, if you can’t figure out how to fill it out, or you’d like to reach a larger audience. The gift guide is the perfect opportunity to co-market with another business in your space. Go in on one gift guide that features both of your products and publish it to both lists!

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