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Create a Free Shipping Bar

Create a Free Shipping Bar

Oct 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

Free Shipping is maybe the greatest upsell mechanism you can use

In our lesson on Cross-Selling, I asked you if you wanted to make more money. Who doesn’t?

And You might say, “we know, we have to buy ads, or send more emails. Discount everything, or post on social media EVERY DAY. 

Actually, no. Offering Free Shipping, as well as Cross-Selling takes about 5 minutes to set up will grow your sales without ads, emails, discounts, or any more content.

It all has to do with a term we call Average Order Value. This is the Average Value of all of the orders from your site. So if every single person buys your $15 dollar hat and only your hat, your Average Order Value or AOV is $15. But what if you could raise that AOV. If you somehow got everyone to spend a little more money or to buy one more thing, you’d grow your profits instantly. 

Free Shipping is a quick and easy way to raise this Average Order Value. 

Today, we are focused on the Free Shipping Bar. Now, a Free Shipping bar is a dynamic bar that lives at the top of your site that encourages people to spend more money to qualify for free shipping. 

Once again, you may be thinking, “I can make a free shipping bar anywhere” or “heck I already have one, why is Privy’s so special?” Well, Privy’s is dynamic, so it’ll constantly update based on how much money they have left-to-spend to qualify for Free Shipping. 

So let’s say your customer needs to have $20 in their cart to qualify for free shipping. That Free shipping bar will say

“Spend $20 to get Free Shipping”

Then, when they add a $10 item, the bar at the top will change to “Spend $10 more for free shipping”

You are a good fit for this if you already offer free shipping Or if you know your margins for shipping and you can offer free shipping over a certain cart value.

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