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Expand Your Reach with MicroInfluencer Campaigns

Expand Your Reach with MicroInfluencer Campaigns

Nov 22, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

Like shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, getting ready for BFCM is much less stressful when you have everything you need before the rush. Gatsby is a Micro-influencer Marketing Automation tool and one of their favorite BFCM plays is leveraging your existing customers to create a micro-influencer campaign with measurable results. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Determine your BFCM focus 

If you haven’t already, identify which products (or product categories) you want to highlight during your BFCM promotional period. 

Step 2: Identify customers 

Once you’ve identified your product focus for BFCM, you’ll want to create a list of customers who’ve purchased those products. From this list, you’ll identify and select the micro-influencers best suited to promote those products:

So, Create a landing page with your Privy pop-up and connect with Gatsby to add a form field for Instagram handle capture. 

Then, Send an email to all of these customers driving them to the landing page. Feel free to add a small incentive, such as 10% off your next purchase, to encourage them to fill out the form. Once they opt in with their Instagram handle, you’ll get access to all  their social media insights, a proprietary scoring system, and more. This will help you easily identify your best candidates for the campaign. 

Step 3: Create a Reward 

Before you start outreach to your list of micro-influencers, you’ll want to create a reward to offer them in exchange for posting. We recommend an enticing percentage off a future order, or an entirely free gift. 

Step 4: Send Your Invitations! 

Now it’s time to send the invitations! Send your customers an email inviting them to post about the product they purchased in exchange for the reward. 

Step 5: Track when they post 

With Gatsby, you can see exactly when your micro-influencers post, and how well their posts perform. If you’ve linked Gatsby to an email service provider, you can even trigger rewards to be sent upon completion of the post. 

Step 6: Send the Reward 

Thank your micro-influencers for sharing with an email that includes their reward or discount code. There you have it! Now you know exactly how to build a microinfluencer campaign using your existing customers this BFCM

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