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Capture Exiting Site Visitors with Exit-Intent Popups

Capture Exiting Site Visitors with Exit-Intent Popups

Oct 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

What if you could stop people from leaving your site.. Forever! - Okay well you can’t legally hold people captive on your site, but you’ve probably experienced this before where you try to leave a site and BOOM, a popup takes up all of your attention, begging you to stay.

It happens when the site visitor intends to exit the screen. So naturally, these popups are called Exit-Intent Popups. While some people think these can be a little to “in-your-face” for their brand, they can increase your sales by keeping people on your site, as well as grow your list by offering a coupon in exchange for their email address.

With Privy, you can trigger a popup or offer to a website visitor who is about to leave your site by using a visitors actions to predict when they are leaving. 

On desktop, It's all about tracking the mouse. As you can see here, the website actually tracks the mouse movement of the visitor. And As the mouse is moving to "exit" or shut the tab, a display is prompted. You can put a discount in the display, or just a signup form, it's totally up to you, but the entire interaction is dependent on mouse or cursor traceability. 

Now it also works on mobile, But in a different way. Given that the vast majority of smart phone traffic is touch based, mobile exit intent is not based on mouse movement. 

Instead there are two distinct actions that can be used to trigger a message via exit intent. 

First is Double clicking the mobile browser to "switch" between browser tabs. And second is pressing the browser "back" button.

Both of these are good indicators that someone on your mobile site is exiting, and since both are user initiated, they keep you compliant with google's mobile popup rules.

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