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How to Write Emails that Make People Want to Buy [Live Email Teardown with Ryan Lee, Ecommerce Founder & Email Marketing Mastermind]

In a flood of marketing emails, Ryan Lee has found a way to get his company, Rewind Bars’ emails to stand out in their customer’s inbox and consistently generate their highest sales from any marketing channel.

How does he do it? He writes emails that get people to want to buy.

It may sound simple, but writing emails that get people excited to buy your products is an artform that most ecommerce brands fail to master. And that’s why the brands that do get it right are able to have such a massive impact and stand out from the competition.

We want to help you do it too. We invited Ryan Lee to join us for a special “Email Teardown” edition of the Privy Masterclass series, where he reviewed and offered feedback on real ecommerce emails.

Watch this on-demand masterclass to find out what mistakes you could be making in your emails today and what you could be doing to drive more sales from your next email newsletter or announcement. 



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