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How to Convert More Site Visitors into Subscribers


How to Convert More Site Visitors into Subscribers

Apr 28, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

How is your Welcome Discount Popup doing? If you haven't already, you should be seeing an improvement in your signup rate soon. But whats next? Now that you have the most effective play in place, what else can you do to raise the bar even higher. Today, I’ll show you three different plays you can add to really make another huge impact in your sales. Let’s dive in!

First up is the Cart Saver, the Cart saver is a popup that will appear when some has something in their cart and tries to leave the page. It will popup and offer a really enticing discount if they purchase right away. We tend to make these a little higher than our welcome discount just to get them back in the door. 

Next is the Countdown Timer Bar. This drives awareness to whatever sale or special you are running and adds scarcity to it as well. Shoppers who see will be afraid they’ll miss it, so they have a higher chance of buying while they're on your store. 

Lastly is the coveted Spin to Win Campaign. We’ve seen average signup rates for these campaigns reach 10% with some individual campaigns converting over 50% of site visitors. Basically, it gamifies their experience and gives them a chance to win a HUGE discount. Now we’ll teach you how to make it so that it's unlikely people get the 40% off discount, while still making it worth it from an ROI standpoint, so don’t worry. Alright, let’s dive in and build some campaigns.

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