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Boost Your Brand with Content Creation


Boost Your Brand with Content Creation

Jan 28, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

Welcome to Privy Masterclass and today we’ll be tackling how to use content to build your following. We mentioned this briefly in our last video, but today we’ll be diving in deep. Why should you be focusing on content and how should you go about it?

To briefly touch on the why, it’s because the more content you published pointing to your brand, the more possibilities someone has to come across it. Also, consistently publishing content over months and years will tell Google that you fulfill on this promise of consistent content and it will raise your rankings in search results. Content creation is vital for brand exposure. 

Today, most adults here the terms “content creator” and thinks is a joke profession for teens who unbox product with no talent and extreme luck. While that was a prevalent portion of content creators 15 years ago, it’s not today. You see, the two biggest currencies in marketing are time and money. Money can buy you advertisements, but time can grant you a moat of brand content that bring people to your main business.

Content is an investment in organic growth. So it shouldn’t be an afterthought. The reason why it’s my favorite type of marketing is that only the patient will will in this game, Which is why it’s so important to figure out what you’re good at and like doing. Do you like writing? Consider starting a blog and email newsletter. Do you like being on camera? Consider starting a youtube channel or a tiktok account. Even better, are you funny as well? There is a specific genre of tiktok called edutainment where people who entertain you while they teach you are winning big. But before we dive into topics and things like that, I want to address a common fear in content creation, specifically video. 

Just remember, in the beginning, published is better than perfect. I repeat, published is better than perfect. 

From there, whether it’s email, video, or blog articles, come up with a list of topics that you can create content around and publish weekly. Here are 5 content ideas to get you started on the right foot:, The story: (or) Why’d you start the company?, Answer common support questions, common sales objections?, Instructions or guides for when people get your product, Scan your reviews to get ideas.

Now if you don’t have any products or customer yet, you can still get started in raising brand awareness with content creation. Go to answerthepublic.com, type in the keywords to your business. This can be anything like eco friendly apparel, healthy meal substitutes, or motorcycles for retired priests, literally anything that has to do with your business and Answerthe Public will tell you all of the questions people are asking about this topic online right now. With this you have no shortage of topics to explore. 

So how should you start?
If you like to write, start a blog writing short articles answering the questions we discussed above. You don’t need flashy graphics, just write the article.
If you want to be on camera, buy a ring light or stand in front of a window and record yourself answering these questions. 

At the very least, post monthly. But to really get yourself in a rhythm, aim to post weekly content with the goal to add one post per week every 6 months. So in 6 months, you’ll post twice per week and in 1 year you’ll post 3 times per week. I promise that getting started is the hardest part. Once you get in a rhythm, content will be second nature. And by then, your efforts will hopefully be starting to pay off. To learn more about growing your business online, check out privy.com/mastertclass. 

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