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How Ecommerce Brands Can Drive Record Sales During an Economic Downturn (Even if You Don’t Sell “Essential” Products) - Q&A with CROSSNET Co-Founder, Chris Meade

When you look at the brands that are seeing record sales these days - you’d expect to see things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, groceries, or at home gym equipment.

You wouldn’t expect to see recreational sports equipment. So how is it that during a time when so many “non-essential” brands are expected to struggle, a company like CROSSNET, maker of the world’s first four square volleyball net, saw a 500% growth in sales?

According to CROSSNET co-founder, Chris Meade, the secret to their success came from adapting their marketing strategy and budget to meet the new changing reality.

In this masterclass, Chis joins Privy CMO, Dave Gerhardt for a conversation on how CROSSNET was able to achieve record sales by doubling down on the marketing channels that work and making adjustments to how they connect with customers during a time of crisis.

Chris shares lessons he has learned, as an ecommerce entrepreneur navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, and answers questions from other ecommerce business owners on how to adapt your marketing strategy to the current global situation.



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