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Build Your Textable Contact List

Build Your Textable Contact List

Nov 03, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

The Future of Marketing is in SMS or Text Messaging. and you’ve now got the ability to text your contacts with Privy, so what’s stopping you?

Well, it’s probably because all of your popups look something like this. In order to text your contacts, you must first collect their phone number and receive their permission to text them.

Even if they’ve already gone through your checkout process, or signed up for a newsletter, or opted in for email updates, until they give you their express permission to send them text messages, you can’t legally reach out to them over text. 

So how do we fix this? We start building our textable contact list. And luckily, we have a great foundation of email subscribers to start with, so let’s dive in. 

Now first, things first, before we email our current subscribers and ask for their phone number, let’s make sure that all NEW subscribers are giving us their phone number moving forward. 

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