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Black Friday Cyber Monday Prep Starts NOW


Black Friday Cyber Monday Prep Starts NOW

May 10, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

What if, come November, you could say that you've been preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 6 months! How much easier would life be if you weren't scrambling to build a list or come up with a competitive advertising budget?

The difference between people who stress and those that launch a smooth BFCM campaign is the size of their list. The best thing you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to start growing your list.

You can do this on your Shopify store by using Privy's pre-made popups and convert campaigns to offer discounts and collect email and phone numbers today, so you can market to them tomorrow.

We'll be publishing weekly to monthly videos leading up until BFCM on Privy Masterclass, so be sure to stay tuned.

Here you'll find some of our most successful examples currently being used by Privy customers:
→ https://www.privy.com/popup-examples

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