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How to sell out this BFCM: Secrets from Nik Sharma

How to sell out this BFCM: Secrets from Nik Sharma

Oct 14, 2020

Privy Academy

Nik Sharma has worked with some of your favorite DTC brands. Between Hydrant, Haus, JUDY, and an insane amount of others, he’s seen (and been a part of) a ton of marketing campaigns. In this session, Nik shared his favorite examples you can copy - plus he answered your questions to help make this holiday season a successful one. 

  • Watch this on-demand session to see Nik answer questions like:
    What are the best BFCM campaigns you've seen in years past
  • How early should you start warming up your customers for BCFM and which type of content is best?
  • When should we start advertising for BFCM?
  • What channels should you be considering for BFCM promotions?

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