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BFCM Signup Countdown  Timer

BFCM Signup Countdown  Timer

Nov 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

The BFCM Signup Countdown Bar is a countdown timer display bar that's all about growing your list before your BFCM offer goes live.

Leading up to BFCM, use this countdown timer to offer new site visitors a special coupon code to join your list before Black Friday.

You can even adjust the expiration of this coupon code to encourage these new subscribers to make their first purchase before the holiday shopping weekend.

And when your BFCM offer officially begins, invite these subscribers back to your store by sending an email or text, depending on which you're asking for at signup.

Think about what Starbucks has been able to do with their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Year after year, people are hyped for fall because this flavor is only available for a limited time. I mean, there’s even a term for this time of year – ”PSL season.”

The urgency tactic works so well that sales of pumpkin-flavored drinks at Starbucks reached an all time high in 2020, according to CEO Kevin Johnson.

But you don’t need to be a multinational chain to use urgency to bring in business.

You already know that a robust list is critical to BFCM success. And thanks to Privy’s BFCM Signup Countdown Bar, you’ll have an even bigger list to share your offers with.

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