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How to Learn from This BFCM to WIN Next Year

How to Learn from This BFCM to WIN Next Year

Dec 06, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

How was your Black Friday? No really, actually think about. Did you hit any of the goals you set? Did you set any goals? Did you blow sales out of the water? Did you come up short? 

Today’s episode is all about learning from this BFCM and Cyber while it’s still fresh in our minds. What did we or didn’t we do this year that we wish we could’ve. 

It may sound dramatic that you need to be doing this now, but I promise if you don’t, you will forget and you will find yourself in the same place next year, so let’s do this. 

Grab your favorite note-taking pen or app and take a good hard look at what you DID this year. Ask yourself these questions.

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