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Send an After Signup Text

Send an After Signup Text

Oct 18, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

In this video we’ll dive into Autoresponder Texts. We also call these After-Signup Texts and they are very similar to the ones you send over email.

The after signup text message is a one-time text that is sent to contacts after they've signed up for a campaign with a valid phone number, checked the text opt-in checkbox, and confirmed their desire to receive messages via double opt-in

To ensure you can send a text message to a campaign subscriber, make sure that the campaign includes the Phone and Text Opt-in fields. The inclusion of these fields guarantees that you have the necessary contact information and marketing permissions. If the subscriber does not provide an accurate phone number and check the opt-in, they will not be eligible for text messages.

See the video above for a detailed walkthrough of how to create the text message.

Once a text is created, click on it in the After Signup Text section to customize and personalize its content. It's recommended that you add in some personalization as personalized texts have a significantly higher engagement rate. You can use the Personalize dropdown menu to insert merge tags that dynamically populate with information like the subscriber's first name or your business name. A preview of the text is available to the right of the editing area. Please make sure to save your changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom right corner.

Lastly, Enable the text by switching the Published? toggle to the ON position. If the campaign is active, the text will start sending to contacts who submit the campaign immediately. Make sure your content is customer-ready before taking this action.

Once your campaign and after signup text are live, you can see the number of your customized marketing messages that have been sent and delivered via the campaign's Follow-up tab.

And that’s it! you‘ve successfully created a text message to send automatically after someone fills out a form and joins your list. To view more helpful tips on how to utilize popups, emails, and text to grow your business, check out our other videos below!

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