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Save Abandoned Cart with Text Messaging

Save Abandoned Cart with Text Messaging

Oct 19, 2021

Tony DiBernardo

In this video we’ll build an Abandoned Cart Text. Now if you missed it, we highly recommend you check out our video on creating abandoned cart emails as well. But I’ll touch on some similar points here.

First we’ll go over what an Abandoned Cart is, why it is so important, and how to create an abandoned cart text in Privy.

So, What is an Abandoned Cart ?

Remember a time when you were on a site, you added something to your cart, then you X’d out of the browser. You’ve definitely done this. In fact, This happens 70% of the time. Customers leave without finishing their purchase. So we built a tool that allows you to follow up with people who leave checkout early.

Just like our Email capability, Privy’s tool specifically allows you to set it and forget it. You build the texts once, then as customers abandoned their cart, they are automatically texted and reminded of these items left in their cart.

But because Privy also has Welcome Popups and other ways to get their phone number, you don’t have to wait until they get to the Checkout page and fill in their info. There is a good chance you already have their phone number, so it allows Privy to text them immediately even if they never make it to the checkout page.

Let’s dive in. First things first, if you are hoping to send texts to customers like abandoned cart texts and broadcasts, you must ensure that your popups and opt-in forms are collecting the visitors phone number. If you don’t have their phone number, you can’t text them. Simple as that. So, view the video above to learn how to build one.

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