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5 Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas to Boost Sales


5 Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas to Boost Sales

Apr 05, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

Full blog post: https://www.privy.com/blog/spring-marketing-campaign-ideas

Spring is officially here. And it’s the perfect excuse to build a revenue-driving campaign for your store. So, here are some ideas to get you started in planning some campaigns this season.

First Encourage your audience to pre-order
Have items that aren’t in stock yet, but will be soon? Letting your audience pre-order Spring styles is a great way to bring in sales before your products have even arrived, like Artemis did with their Spring shoe collection.

Second, Tease upcoming products. Building hype around upcoming product launches is an amazing way to keep your audience in the loop and build excitement so that once a product is available, they’re ready to act immediately. Here’s a great example from the eco-friendly candle brand, Mala. Everything about this email is incredible. From the countdown timer to the blurred out images, their customers were dying to know what’s coming, and even better, they carried this messaging over to their social media accounts as well.

Third, encourage a new routine. A lot of people see Spring as a season to shake things up, clean things out, and try something new. Why not encourage them to start a new routine? Whether it includes your product or not, it’s a great way to both engage, educate and potentially bring in some sales at the start of the season.

Fourth, Bring back bestsellers. Spring is the perfect time to bring back bestsellers you already know your audience loves because you’ve already proven that these products will sell, it’s a safe bet to assume it will happen again. Check out this great example from alcohol brand, Haus. Spring themed and using confident language, it’s as if they already know their customers love it.

And Fifth, clear out existing inventory. In the spirit of spring cleaning, this could be just what your customers have been waiting for to jump on their favorite styles or products in your store. Plus, it’ll actually help you make room for your spring collection and new products down the pipeline.

With these 5 campaigns ideas, I hope the wheels have started turning on how you can keep sales rolling through the spring season. See you next time!

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