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Introducing the Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar


Introducing the Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

Jan 26, 2022

Tony DiBernardo

Access it at: privy.com/ecommerce-holiday-calendar

How many times have you completely forgotten about a revenue-driving holiday for your store? Chances are, it’s happened. Probably more than once. Because running your Shopify store means you have a lot on your plate. So keeping up with every holiday is just one more thing you need to do.

Today, we’re giving you a full calendar of holidays for the entire year, because having the entire year’s worth of holidays, including everything from Valentine’s Day to Small Business Saturday means you can plan ahead.

With this tool, you’ll know exactly when you should be creating offers and sending emails and texts to drive sales for your business.

We released one last year, But this year, we’re taking it a step further. 

When you sign up for The Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar, we’ll send you monthly reminders and campaign ideas to make planning easier than ever.  And to make sure you never forget a major sales day for your store again.

The basic formula is this: Pick 1 holiday every month. Come up with a killer offer. Send emails and texts. & Watch the sales come in.

Just think about how powerful monthly campaigns would be for your store. Without blinking, you immediately have a reason to send your audience an email and text at least once a month. 

Pair that with tons of examples, inspiration and regular reminders, and you’ll have a solid foundation for the entire year.

And it’s completely free whether you use Privy or not. Just head over to  privy.com/ecommerce-holiday-calendar and you’ll get your copy of the full calendar and get signed up for reminders so you never miss out on major holidays for your store.

And don’t worry, you can find the link below as well. 

But if you only do one thing to grow your business today, make sure it’s signing up to get the full 2022 holiday calendar. See you next time!

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