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As an online retailer, it goes without saying that driving new traffic and sales is critical to your success. And many brands are turning to Amazon to drive that traffic.

In fact, 97% of brands selling on Amazon say the most compelling benefit is acquiring new customers. 

While Amazon can be a great acquisition channel, having your own website is what truly helps you build a brand. In this webinar, Privy's VP of Marketing, Josh Mendelsohn, and Teikametrics' Manager of Product Education, Gauri Iyengar will discuss how to effectively do both to help your business thrive. 

Watch our on-demand webinar  to learn how to:

  • Use Amazon as an acquisition channel 

  • Maximize discoverability through Amazon ads

  • Effectively grow your email list 

  • Achieve a personalized experience both onsite and via email to establish a beloved brand