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Spin To Win

Spin to win is a more engaging way to grow your email list than many traditional pop ups.

Visitors to your site are asked to enter their email address for a chance to spin the wheel to win one of 12 prizes.

Popular offers for the slices include free shipping, different percentages off, and a free gift with purchase. But of course they’re not all winners – that’s the fun of it! So there are often slices with language like ‘So close!’ ‘No luck today.’ and ‘Bummer!’

Here’s an example from Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

It’s a great option for brands with a certain feel. It’s the perfect fit for Death Wish because their brand is bold, and spin to win offers a more fun experience than a typical pop up.

For secrets to nailing spin to win, listen to this episode of Ecommerce Marketing School.