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Order Confirmation Email

After you place an order with your favorite ecommerce brands, you likely receive an order confirmation email.

It's how brands let you know they have, in fact, received your order.

Often, these emails include your order number so you can reference it if you need to reach out about anything related to your purchase, the item(s) you bought, your order total, billing and shipping information, and payment method.

Go ahead and search for order confirmation in your inbox – you’ll probably see a lot of results.

Let’s take a look at a pretty standard order confirmation email from Mid Bites.


Let’s also take a look at a confirmation email that takes it a step further.


This confirmation email from Haus includes all the same information from the first example and then some. This is important because your order confirmation emails can help you stand out from the crowd.

So rather than just including the basic information many others share, Haus uses theirs as an opportunity to remind customers about the shipping time frame for certain products, which likely cuts down on the number of tickets their support team sees related to this. 

They also reiterate what their product is and why it’s better than what you’re used to. “The lighter alcohol content means you can enjoy them throughout the night without getting too drunk or hungover. We have a feeling it's going to be love at first sip.”

These might seem like minor adjustments, but their confirmation email feels much more personal, doesn’t it?