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Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is the splitting up of your email list into separate groups (or segments) based on certain similarities. 

Segmentation is the secret to sending relevant messages to specific groups of people on your email list. 

The more relevant your messages are, the more they’ll resonate with your subscribers, which means they’ll be more likely to open and engage with your emails.Your segmentation strategy can be as simple as people who have purchased from your brand, and those who haven’t.

You can also segment your list based on customer attributes, shopping activity, website behavior, and so much more. Here are a few of the most common segments:

  • VIPs (people who have spent a certain amount with your brand)
  • Product interests (ex: men’s vs. women’s clothing, hot sauces vs. salad dressings, or baby vs. toddler toys)
  • Level of engagement (ex: repeat customers vs. serial window shoppers)
  • Geography (ex: local to your brand’s home base vs. in another country)

Start simple with your email segmentation and over time you can get more and more advanced. Just remember that relevancy is incredibly powerful and your segmentation strategy is the key to sendig the most relevant emails to your list.