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Email Marketing

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Introducing the Exclusive Text-to-Join Integration from Attentive and Privy  
What Shopify Merchants Need to Build a Thriving Online Business in 2020 “How's an entrepreneur like me supposed to grow my Shopify store?” That’s the question Kurt Elster has been helping to answer for nearly 300 episodes of his popular podcast: The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. That question has taken a whole new level of importance in recent weeks, as Shopify merchants assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and try to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead for their business.
Class #2 Privy Product Training: 3 Plays to Reduce Cart Abandonment Watch this Privy Product training to find out how you can reduce cart abandonment on your Shopify store.
Class #1 Email Teardown: How to Write Abandoned Cart Emails that Actually Work with Paul Ledoux from LDX Marketing Watch our live "abandoned carts" feedback session to see how you can save more abandoned carts with email.
Class #2 Privy Product Training: How to Sell More from Your Shopify Store (Without Buying 10 Different Apps) This free training will show how you can increase the average order value on your Shopify store with Privy.
How to Write Email Subject Lines + 66 Examples You Can Steal Subject lines are your chance to stand out in a crowded inbox. Here are our best tips for writing email subject lines + 66 real-life examples you can tweak for your next campaign.
6 Last-Minute Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales For Your Shopify Store Waited til the last minute to plan for Black Friday? Here are 6 last-minute ideas you can steal to boost sales for your Shopify store this BFCM.
Introducing Privy Masterclass Tony introduces Privy Masterclass
8 Highly Effective Ways To Segment Your Email List Segmenting your email list means you're targeting specific people with messages they care about. And relevance = sales. Here are 8 ways to segment your emails and make more $$.
Black Friday 2020 Email And Offer Examples You Can Steal From These 7 Brands If you're looking for Black Friday email examples, look no further. Check out these BFCM emails and offers from 7 ecommerce brands. And steal some ideas for your own campaigns.
BFCM Bootcamp: 5 Steps To Launching An Insanely Successful Black Friday Campaign This BFCM Bootcamp includes tips, stories from founders, and actionable advice to help you run a killer BFCM campaign. Here's everything we learned.
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