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How to Install the Privy Wordpress Plugin

Follow the instructions below to easily install our widget onto your WordPress site, and start growing your email list.

Note: The Privy Wordpress Plugin will only work for websites that use the Wordpress.org self-hosted solution. Since Wordpress.com websites do not accept plugins or javascript injections, our wordpress plugin will not work for those websites. 

5-Steps to Installing the Privy Wordpress Plugin

1. Download the Wordpress Plugin

Click here to save the Wordpress Plugin to your computer.

2. Upload the Plugin to Privy

Upload the privy-wordpress.zip file your Wordpress site.

This can be found in the Admin Dashboard part of your WordPress site under Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

3. Activate the Plugin

Click Activate Plugin to activate the Privy Website Widget plugin on your site.

4. Get Your Account Identifier

To obtain your Account Identifier, click on the dropdown arrow located on the upper right portion of your account screen and select Business Settings.

It can be found under Settings > Account Settings > Widget Installation.

On the the resulting screen, select the option labeled Privy Code on the left.

Your Account Identifier will then display on the page.

5. Enter and Save

Enter your Account Identifier you got from step 4 into the Privy Website Widget settings page in your WordPress Admin Dashboard and click save. The page is found in Settings > Privy Website Widget

And that's it! Now any campaign where the widget is active will show up on your site. You can always go to your Privy Dashboard to make changes to your website widget.

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Written by Alex Meyer

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