The Mountain Crest Gardens Success Story

Mountain Crest Gardens attributes its success to its niche market.
The family-owned and operated company, located in northern California, began growing and selling succulent plants in the mid-1990s.Matts Jopson joined his father in the company’s retail arm after graduating college with a degree in computer science, a minor in business management and digital arts. At the time, Mountain Crest Gardens was a three-person operation.

BigCommerce Migration from Magento Go Takes Company Growth to New Levels

As told to BigCommerce and Privy by Matts Jopson, VP,

In 2014, we migrated to BigCommerce, and we soon realized it was very easy to experiment with third-party enhancements. All of the sudden we had access to product option features that were unavailable, or incomplete, in Magento Go. BigCommerce’s templates were also modern, making it easy for us to launch with a fully-responsive mobile-ready site from day one.