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Grow Your Online Sales With Privy

Pricing that works for your business without annual contracts or
hidden fees. Pay for only what you need to grow.

Conversion Only

Grow your email list, increase your average order value and prevent cart abandonment before it happens with Privy Convert.

With Privy Convert you can design beautiful popups that help grow your email list, enable a free shipping bar that'll encourage customers to buy additional products and automate cart saving popups that'll discourage shoppers from abandoning before purchase.


Privy Text is the easiest way to start generating more online sales with text message marketing

In today’s crowded, noisy marketplace, it’s hard to be heard. While there’s still no substitute for building an engaged email list, the best ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly looking for new ways to get an edge over their competition. That's where Privy Text comes in.

Email + Conversion includes

Email Newsletters

Keep customers updated on your latest products, promos, announcements, and more

Automated Cart Abandonment Emails

Deliver reminders or coupons to customers who leave without purchasing

Popups & Flyouts

Grow your email list and drive more sales with timely popups, flyouts, and onsite displays

Increase Your AOV

Use Privy’s Free Shipping Bar and Add to Cart campaigns to increase the average order value for your store

Shopify & BigCommerce Integrations

Create coupons that sync with your store and track revenue influenced.

Easy Drag-and-Drop Editor

Create professional-looking emails in minutes—even if design isn’t your thing

Email + Conversion plan FAQs

How does Email + Conversion pricing work?

This plan starts at $15/month for up to 250 contacts. After 250 contacts, Privy costs $30/month for up to 2,000 contacts. After 2,000 contacts, pricing increases by $15/month per 1,000 contacts. If you have a larger contact list, you will pay less per contact. We recommend you speak to our ecommerce coaching team if you have more than 20,000 contacts. There are no annual contracts required. There are no email sending limits with this plan.

What if I only want popups and not email?

Privy is an all-in-one platform designed for small ecommerce businesses. Which means it includes all the list growth and email tools you'll need to grow your business. From popups and free shipping bars to newsletters and automated cart abandonment emails. However, if you are only interested in popups and our other conversion tools, please contact our sales team.

Can I import contacts from other email services to Privy?

Yes. Privy integrates with most other email service providers and allows you to import contacts directly into your Privy account. You can also upload a CSV file of your contacts to Privy.

Does Privy limit the amount of emails I can send per month?

If you are on a paid Privy plan then you won't have a sending limit. Privy Email customers can send an unlimited number of emails regardless of how much your plan costs. If you are in a free 15 day trial of Privy, you will have a 100 emails per day sending limit. When you upgrade to a paid plan after your 15 day trial you will not have a sending limit.

What happens after I hit my contact limit?

You will automatically be moved up to the next pricing tier, based on the highest number of contacts in your account in a given month. Your new price will be reflected in your next monthly billing cycle.

Privy Convert includes

Website Displays

Popups, flyouts, spin-to-wins, banners, and more so you can grow your list, suggest products, and offer coupons.

Shopify + BigCommerce Integration

Create coupons that sync with your store and track revenue influenced.

Cross Sell Campaigns

Automatically suggest additional products based on items in a shopper’s cart.

Advanced Targeting

Trigger Offers based on URL, number of visits, cart calue, and more so your offers are always relevant.

Email Integrations

Automatically add contacts to MailChimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and dozens of other services.

Exit-Intent Campaigns

Display an offer when shoppers are about to leave your site without completing their purchase.

Privy Convert FAQs

How does Privy Convert pricing work?

Privy Convert pricing is based on the estimated volume of your website’s monthly pageviews. Every three months, we will check your pageviews and adjust your price tier up or down based on your average pageviews across those months. If you purchase Privy through your Shopify account, we’ll email you seven days before any pricing change takes place.

Is Privy Convert right for me if I have less than 50,000 pageviews per month?

Privy Convert pricing starts at $70/month for up to 50,000 pageviews per month. You can buy Privy Convert if your website has less traffic, however your price would still start at $70/month. If you have a small amount of traffic, we recommend our Email + Conversion plan, which starts at just $15/month for up to 250 contacts. That plan includes everything you'd need in Privy Convert plus all our email marketing features.

How do you calculate my pageviews?

A pageview is registered each time a page that includes the Privy code is loaded. 

Are Privy Email features included with Privy Convert?

No. Privy Email, which includes newsletters, abandoned cart, customer winback and order follow up emails is not included in this plan. If you're interested in using Privy Email and Privy Convert we recommend you review the Email & Conversion plan.

Privy Text includes

Cart Abandonment Messaging

Automatically text shoppers reminders or coupons when they don’t complete their purchase

Shopify Cart Integration

Include a link that takes customers directly to their abandoned cart via text

Privy Convert Integration

Create pop ups, forms, and other onsite displays so you can capture phone numbers and grow your SMS list

After Sign-Up Messaging

Automatically deliver confirmation messages, coupons, and more to new text subscribers

Shopify Coupon Integration

Add coupon codes to your texts that sync with your Shopify store.

Built-In Compliance

Stay protected from fines and penalties

Privy Text FAQs

How does Privy Text pricing work?

Privy Text pricing is based on your number of textable contacts (any person who has provided their phone number to you via a Privy popup or onsite display). It starts at $10/month for 100 textable contacts and increases by $10 for every 100 additional textable contacts.

How many texts can I send per month?

You can send text messages up to 6X the amount of textable contacts you have per month. For example, if you have 1,000 textable contacts, you can send 6,000 total text messages per month.

Can I send text messages to contacts that I collected with something other than Privy?

No. Your textable contacts must provide their phone number to you via a Privy popup or onsite display in order for you to text them with Privy Text.

Are Privy Convert and Privy Email included with Privy Text?

No. Privy Convert (which includes popups and other onsite displays) and Privy Email (which includes newsletters, abandoned cart emails, order follow up emails, and more) are not included with Privy Text. However, both can be added on to your Privy Text plan at any time.

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Can't believe how much this app does. Loads of features. I may be able to remove some other apps and save some $$.

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