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Introducing PrivyBox


Introducing PrivyBox

Everything you need to sell more on Shopify -- delivered right to your door, in a box, on three convenient compact discs (CDs).

First there was Birchbox. Then came NatureBox. Then came ButcherBox. And now there’s PrivyBox.

“Whoever gets closest to their customers wins” is one of the truest lines of business advice there is. I mean in our industry alone just look at what some of the early DTC brands like Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club were able to do because they could get closer to customers (by selling direct online) than brands like Gillette could.

But when it comes to our business at Privy, we haven’t been getting close enough to our customers.

Sure we listen to sales calls, spend time with our support team, and talk to customers every day of the week. But just listening is not good enough for us! No. We’ll never be able to show the world that we’re the leaders in ecommerce marketing for small & growing brands if we just listen to our customers. We need to become our customers.

And that’s exactly why we've decided to stop selling our software as a service (SaaS) and go direct-to-consumer (DTC) 😱

We’ve been taking notes on how some of the best DTC brands have been doing it – from Birchbox to NatureBox to ButcherBox – and now it’s time for PrivyBox.

Sign up below and you'll receive your PrivyBox in 2-3 weeks (please note at this time our sign in with Google credentials is not working but you can still use your AOL or MySpace credentials). 


Dave Gerhardt

CMO, Privy

One box, three compact discs

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You will learn how to launch your online store.


Learn the best techniques for selling.


Start making 💰💰💰(and a lot of it)

Mixed reviews from leading industry experts, but that’s ok.

“This is never going to work. Who would want this? CDs? You can’t even use them on a MacBook. Or any computer since 2005.”

Kurt Elster

Shopify Expert

"I'll never financially recover from this."

Joe Exotic

PrivyBox Influencer

“Dave asked me for a quote for PrivyBox and I said no.”

Val Geisler

Email Expert

“Wait. Why wouldn’t you just go to Privy.com and sign-up for free there?”

Ben Jabbawy

Privy CEO