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    Weathering The Storm: Why Empathy Is More Important Than Ever For Ecommerce Brands

    By Lauren Hall
    2 minute read


    There’s a lot of confusion around marketing right now.

    Should you be sending emails? Should you be selling?

    From a business perspective, not selling isn’t an option. So how can you do it in a way that resonates with your customers?

    It really just comes down to empathy. Do your customers know that an actual human sat down to write that email or social post or whatever it is?

    If they feel like you really get them right now, they might not buy today, but you’ll be the first place they turn to when they are ready to make a purchase. 

    Ben, our Founder & CEO, came on this episode of the podcast to give some perspective on the current situation as a founder himself. He shares what really matters and what founders should actually be thinking about in times like these. 

    You can tune in above👆 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

    On this episode, you'll learn: 

    • Why now is the perfect time to invest in building your audience.
    • Why founders shouldn’t be concerned about reforecasting right now.
    • The importance of being human in trying times.
    • The channel to lean on today.

    What to listen for:

    • [2:43] Why you need to be prepared to make quick decisions.
    • [4:27] Why marketers should focus on building an audience.
    • [5:33] Why your annual goals should be the last thing on your mind right now.
    • [7:08] The opportunity a lot of brands are missing out on.
    • [8:44] A brand that got it right: Levi’s.
    • [10:07] Why email should be a high priority.
    • [11:59] Is it OK to be selling right now?
    • [13:25] What’s the right paid strategy?
    • [21:23] Ben’s advice for other ecommerce founders.

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