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What are UTM Parameters and How Do They Work?


eCommerce email How To's marketing shopify By on May 17, 2019
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Shop Class 2018: Privy Is Going on Tour With Shopify


shopify By on Sep 10, 2018
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Webinar Recording : How to Sell More on YOUR Ecommerce Site (with Wordstream)

For many, ecommerce means selling products through major online marketplaces, bowing ...

eCommerce list growth shopify webinar By on Mar 23, 2018
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Infographic: How Social Media and Ecommerce Platforms Work Together

Have you seen eBay or Amazon ads on your Facebook feed? Or perhaps eBay discount code...

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How John’s Crazy Socks Spreads Happiness to an Email List of 40,000 with Mark and John from John’s Crazy Socks

We sat down with Mark and John from John’s Crazy Socks to learn more about their miss...

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Privy Among the First Marketing Platforms to be Included in the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program


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[Webinar recording] Advanced techniques for increasing opt-ins and driving more sales

In case you missed it, we just ran an awesome 30 minute webinar where walked through ...

eCommerce How To's shopify plus shopify webinar By on Sep 22, 2017
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You Can Now Create Your Shopify Discounts from Within Privy

If you’re selling online, you’re no stranger to offering discount codes as a way to w...

eCommerce How To's privy product shopify plus shopify By on Jul 19, 2017
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Don’t Forget the Product Content for your eCommerce Products

There are a lot of steps to take when you’re setting up your online store. And as eas...

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Privy for Shopify: build your email list from your shopify website

We've added another integration! If you are currently using Shopify to run your e-com...

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