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Introducing Unique Coupons In Privy Email Newsletters – Add More Control To Your Discounting Strategy Now you can automatically include a unique coupon code for each recipient in your newsletter emails.
Ecommerce Marketing
10 Tools Ecommerce Marketers Can Try For Free During COVID-19 To help ecommerce brands stay afloat during COVID-19, a lot of businesses are running incredible offers. Here are 10 free marketing resources to check out.
Here's Everything We Shipped In Privy This Month To Help You Grow Your Email List, Drive More People Back To Your Website & Close More Sales And how you can set up each of these new features in your Privy account today.
Introducing Product Segmentation for Privy Email and Privy Text – Drive More People Back To Your Website With Personalized Emails & Texts Send smarter emails and texts that’ll drive your buyers back to your website with Privy's product segmentation.
Introducing ShopSmallEcomm.com: The World's First Marketplace For Small Ecommerce Brands We know small businesses are worried about the days ahead. That's why we're launching the world's first marketplace for small ecommerce brands like yours.
Introducing Privy Text: The Easiest Way To Drive More Online Sales With Text Message Marketing Privy Text will help you turn text messaging into the #1 sales channel for your online store. We created 3 essential recipes that'll help you get started.
Privy 2.0: The Uncensored Story of Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, And Welcoming Our New Chief Marketing Officer It’s been a heck of a bumpy ride, but I can honestly say that we are just getting started here at Privy. In order to continue to lead the way, we have to be the brand that entrepreneurs turn to to learn about marketing that’s why we’re bringing Dave Gerhardt on as our new Chief Marketing Officer.
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Introducing Spin to Win: The New Highly Engaging Campaign Type Spin to Win Campaigns are on Privy. A Highly Engaging Campaign Type. Start collecting more emails. Wheelio style Pop Ups are now available! It has become one of our top performing campaigns because shoppers love the gamification being added to the buying process.
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