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Black Friday Templates | Easy and Effective

In honor of the upcoming retail shopping season, we’ve created 3 new display template...

Black Friday privy designer Design By on Oct 12, 2018

Marshmallows & Mobile Design | How Does This Sh!t Work?

What do marshmallows have to do with mobile design? Find out when Lauren asks our gra...

eCommerce how-to mobile conversion mobile-friendly mobile marketing mobile popups privy designer Design Design Tips By on May 10, 2018

March Mobile Madness | Yeah! or Meh. Week 2

This week we look at 2 different display types and discuss which one will move on in ...

insights march mobile madness mobile conversion mobile-friendly mobile march madness mobile marketing mobile popups pop up designer pop ups popup privy designer Design yeah or meh Design Tips By on Mar 08, 2018

Privy Enhancements December 2017 - January 2018 Product Roundup

Since November, our product team has been busy squashing bugs, increasing site reliab...

eCommerce ecommerce product release privy designer product product release By on Jan 25, 2018

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