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What’s An Order Confirmation Email? 11 Steal-Worthy Examples

Pop quiz. What’s wrong with this order confirmation email?

How To's By on Sep 13, 2019

What are UTM Parameters and How Do They Work?


eCommerce email How To's marketing shopify By on May 17, 2019

How to Drive Urgency For Your Holiday Sale

  One of the keys to running a successful Black Friday sale is to create a sense of u...

Black Friday How To's By on Nov 08, 2018

How to Run an Upsell Campaign on Your Ecommerce Store

One of the awesome new features that we recently rolled out is the ability to target ...

Black Friday How To's By on Nov 05, 2018

Three Creative Ways to Use Spin to Win Campaigns

Everyone loves a game of chance and visitors to your site are no exception! We go ove...

How To's By on Oct 19, 2018

Three Ways to Use Privy’s New Geo-Targeting Rules

One feature that we’ve gotten a lot of requests for over the last couple of years is ...

How To's product product release onsite conversion By on Oct 15, 2018

How to Use Order Count Targeting to Reward Loyal Customers

We recently released a bunch of new targeting rules for our Growth level customers de...

audience targeting customer loyalty How To's By on Oct 04, 2018

Design Superstars: How Three Customers are Using Simple Tricks to Make Awesome Displays

We love running into Privy campaigns in the wild and seeing all of the incredible thi...

Case Studies How To's Inspiration Design Tips Social Media Tips By on Aug 01, 2018

Sweet Summertime Templates

The sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed and summer fun is finally on the horizon...

How To's Design Tips By on Jun 03, 2018

3 Mobile Photography Tips for Better Photos

In the digital age, taking a photograph has become easier than ever. Unfortunately, t...

eCommerce How To's Design Design Tips Social Media Social Media Tips By on May 10, 2018

7 Email Capture Questions to Ask Before Launching a Campaign [WITH TEMPLATE]

Email capture is vital to sustain online businesses. Today we are going to run throug...

eCommerce How To's pop up campaigns product Resources By on Apr 19, 2018

Email Sandwich Basics: Headers and Footers

Emails are like a sandwich. The contents don’t work well together when there aren’t t...

eCommerce email email design email marketing email series How To's marketing Design Design Tips By on Apr 02, 2018

GDPR: What You Need to Know About It (And How to Prepare)

Are you putting the right processes in place to protect your customer’s privacy? Even...

eCommerce email marketing GDPR rules How To's insights list growth By on Mar 26, 2018

Six Tips to Successfully Set Yourself Up For An Ecommerce Implementation

This is a guest post from Isaiah Bollinger, the CEO and Founder of Trellis, a full se...

eCommerce ecommerce platforms Guest Posts How To's By on Mar 19, 2018

Three Big Updates to A/B testing with Privy

As usual, the Privy product team is hard at work. Today we're excited to push an upda...

How To's product By on Mar 15, 2018

Introducing the Marketer's Guide to Mobile Conversion

If you have a growing ecommerce business, your mobile strategy is critically importan...

eCommerce How To's march mobile madness mobile conversion By on Mar 14, 2018

Free Resources To Get Smart and Jumpstart Your Ecommerce Business

Entrepreneurship is no easy business. It requires passion, grit, resilience and so mu...

eCommerce How To's By on Mar 07, 2018

Mobile Design Magic

Ever wonder how to make your on-site campaign magically perform just as well on mobil...

How To's insights mobile conversion mobile-friendly mobile march madness mobile marketing mobile popups templates By on Mar 02, 2018

How to Design Beautiful Emails That Drive People Back To Your Site

Designing emails can be difficult for even experienced marketers who know exactly wha...

email email design email marketing How To's By on Feb 20, 2018

How to Create a Great Customer Experience Online

This post is a guest post by Becca Gatesman, Content Marketer at GrowthSpark.

eCommerce Guest Posts How To's By on Feb 09, 2018

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Strategize Your Campaigns

On today’s episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re going to cover one of our most-aske...

How To's marketing marketing strategy Whiteboard Wednesday By on Feb 07, 2018

How to Use Pop Ups Without Devaluing Your Brand

As business owners, there’s often a tug between the needs of your business—generating...

eCommerce How To's Inspiration pop ups By on Feb 06, 2018

The Ecommerce Marketer’s Guide to On-Site Audience Targeting

Most online businesses are pretty bad at conversion. It’s sad, but true. 

audience targeting conversion conversion marketing downloadables ebook eCommerce How To's Resources By on Jan 26, 2018

How to Get Facebook Likes and Instagram Follows from Your Pop Ups and Flyouts

In a recent Whiteboard Wednesday, I talked about some of the reasons that you might n...

facebook flyout How To's Instagram pop ups social media strategy Social Media Social Media Tips By on Jan 23, 2018

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