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5 Ways to Segment Your Shoppers' Onsite Experience This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings great things in abundance. Time with family, your aunt Shar...

audience targeting By on Nov 21, 2018

How to Use Order Count Targeting to Reward Loyal Customers

We recently released a bunch of new targeting rules for our Growth level customers de...

audience targeting customer loyalty How To's By on Oct 04, 2018

Cookies & Audience Targeting | How Does This Sh!t Work

On today's installment of How Does This Sh!t Work, Josh and Meg discuss internet cook...

audience targeting eCommerce how-to By on Apr 23, 2018

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to Tie Your Paid Advertising to Your On-Site Campaigns

Hey everyone! For this edition of Whiteboard Wednesday, we’re talking about how to ti...

audience targeting eCommerce paid social media Whiteboard Wednesday By on Jan 31, 2018

The Ecommerce Marketer’s Guide to On-Site Audience Targeting

Most online businesses are pretty bad at conversion. It’s sad, but true. 

audience targeting conversion conversion marketing downloadables ebook eCommerce How To's Resources By on Jan 26, 2018

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