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    6 Things You Need to Know About BFCM 2018

    By Josh Mendelsohn
    3 minute read

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed and we’ve all survived the big Black Friday weekend, it’s time to take a quick peek back and what happened and what we learned.

    1. Online sales brought in $6.2 Billion for merchants of all sizes.

    That’s a lot of gifts for family, friends, and people treating themselves. In fact, online sales during Black Friday grew by 24% as compared to last year. If you’re in ecommerce, you’ve come to the right place.

    2. Shopify sites alone produced $1.5 Billion in sales.

    That’s a big win for small businesses competing against the big boys. Consumers are willing (maybe even eager) to buy from smaller merchants who can provide the creativity, service, and pricing that the major retailers can’t offer. Shop small, friends!

    3. Email was the top channel for driving sales.

    No surprise here, but people who already know you are far more likely to buy when the holiday shopping pressure is amped up. If you’re not capturing email addresses year round, you’re missing out on tons of sales.

    4. Forget the turkey, shopping started early.

    Retailers of all sizes started their sales before Black Friday and shoppers were happy to oblige. Personally, I saw Black Friday week sales and pre-Black Friday sales this year that were designed specifically to beat the rush. And across the Privy network we saw a rise in traffic beginning on Monday and starting to really escalate on Thursday.

    5. It’s not just the orders, it’s the emails captured.

    The beauty of BFCM is that it can put your business in a positive revenue position for the year AND set you up for success in 2019 by growing your emailable audience. Over the weekend, Privy merchants processed over 1 million orders and captured over 550,000 new email addresses. That’s a lot of potential customers moving forward!

    6. It’s all about mobile commerce.

    With the shopping starting early, more people than ever turned to their mobile devices. Across the Privy network, we saw over 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices over the BFCM weekend. 

     So, what’s next?

    As important as BFCM weekend is, the holiday shopping season is still in full effect. In fact, according to Google, only about 18% of shoppers consolidate all of their shopping to the Black Friday-to-Cyber Monday period.  So take what you’ve learned and apply it to the next few weeks. Run a new special, set up mobile specific displays for email capture, get your email newsletters and abandoned cart emails cranking. Don’t wait til next year to invest more in your marketing and beat your holiday selling goals.  Check out all of our holiday resources here.


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